The Think Brazos Podcast aims to help families thrive in Bryan and College Station by providing a platform for discussing local policies that impact housing affordability and financial resiliency. We have seen the trend of family displacement and unaffordable rent in larger cities such as Austin and we do not want Bryan/College Station to suffer the same fate. We invite you to join the conversation to “Think local! Think Brazos!”

Disclosure and disclaimer

The purpose of the Think Brazos Podcast is to present to the public a deeper sense of who the candidates are who hope to lead this community and to create a space for them to present their ideas, especially about housing and affordability. However, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Bryan-College Station Habitat for Humanity (which created and sponsors Think Brazos) does not and cannot endorse any particular candidate or political party. The open dialogue we create by doing our utmost to speak to every candidate for a particular political race we decide to cover should in no way be construed as an endorsement of the candidate or political party. Further, the ideas and opinions expressed by the candidates we interview are purely their own and not necessarily those of Habitat for Humanity. Housing affordability is an important issue, so we thank you for following the Think Brazos Podcast.

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