County elections usually take place on the first Tuesday in November. But what if only one party runs for the seat? That is exactly what is happening in Brazos County this election cycle. Several positions are completely uncontested or only contested within the Republican Party. These elections will not be decided in November, they will be decided on March 1st, just a few weeks from now. If you vote in the Democratic primary, you will not even see these positions on your primary ballot 

B/CS Habitat for Humanity started the Think Brazos podcast back in 2020 as a way to get to know our policymakers and advocate for good housing policies in a growing community. Over the last two years, we have interviewed experts from the Mercatus Center in DC on how better housing policies can reduce the spread of the coronavirus. We have talked with local residents about proposed legislation in College Station might impact them. And we’ve interviewed local candidates running for political office in the November elections. What we haven’t done yet is interview primary candidates. But that changes in 2022. We chose to interview the four Republican candidates for Brazos County Precinct 2 because there are no Democrats running for this office. The primary election is the election. 

Voters have until March 1st to decide who to vote for. If you do not participate in the primary, others will decide for you. Again—there are no Democrats running for Brazos County Precinct 2 Commissioner, but you have several Republican choices. The candidates running for precinct 2 are Russ Ford (incumbent), Chuck Konderla, Ronnie Vitulli Sr., and Silas Garrett Jr. 

We have conducted 30-minute conversations with each candidate and will publish them in both podcast and video format. Some of the topics we cover are the growth of the Bryan/College Station metropolitan area, urban vs. rural issues, and the future path of Interstate 14 through Brazos County.  

Think Brazos does not endorse candidates. We do hope that these interviews will help you consider the issues at hand and choose the best candidate for the job.  

Think local. Think Brazos. 

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