The City of College Station has a plan, and you are part of the solution. 

“I think cities are uniquely positioned to affect housing,” says David Brower, Community Development Analyst at the City of College Station. Host of the Think Brazos Podcast Charles Coats spoke with David Brower about the state of housing affordability in College Station and how citizens, students, and employers can have an impact on the City’s 2024 Housing Action Plan.  

In this podcast episode, Brower describes two main aspects of the effort to address housing costs. He highlights the “Existing Conditions Report”, found on the City’s website, that highlights the state of attainable housing in College Station. According to this report, there simply is not enough varied housing types to keep up with the need and much of the current housing stock is unaffordable to working-class families. He also lists some of the “tools in the toolbox” that the City could choose to affect housing costs. These tools consist of regulations that influence the overall supply of housing (ie. middle housing and high-occupancy housing) and programs that help specific situations of low-income buyers and renters (ie. Down-payment assistance).  

Brower is currently working with volunteers on a Housing Action Plan Steering Committee to survey three key stakeholders in College Station; residents, students, and employers. They want you to help them create housing opportunities for College Station’s current and future residents.  

In the interview, David Brower gives hope that this housing problem is fixable, “having been here for 15 years, I’m just super encouraged by the city’s leadership, by citizens that are really taking the issue seriously and looking to do something about it.” To most effectively address housing need, the City of College Station needs to know where the pain points are, and only you can help them understand how housing options impact your daily life.  

On the Think Brazos podcast, we challenge listeners to “Think local.” Naturally, the next step is to act locally. These surveys are your opportunity to make this vision a reality! Your feedback will help the City choose the best tools to improve your housing situation. Below is a link to the three different surveys and information for two public meetings. Make your voice heard and help your city in the process!

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Mentioned in the episode

Existing Conditions Report 

College Station Housing Surveys due by April 5th, 2024 

  • Citizen Housing Survey – those who live or work within College Station 
  • Texas A&M Student Housing Survey 
  • College Station Employers Housing Survey 

Upcoming Public Input Meetings 

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Le recomendamos que responda la encuesta general, la encuesta de empleadores o la encuesta de estudiantes. 

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