Clean, safe and affordable housing is important for our health. That importance was underscored this year because of the deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus. Health care and other frontline workers may have increased exposure to the virus while at work, but if they are also low-income they may be at additional risk if they live in overcrowded housing.

In this latest episode of Think Brazos, we discuss how overcrowded housing, such as a trailer or a nursing home, can increase the chances of infection. Scholars Emily Hamilton, Salim Furth, and Nolan Gray of the Mercatus Center explain how certain types of housing, such as accessory dwelling units, can help reduce the spread of a virus while also providing alternative affordable housing options. The Mercatus publication discussed in the video is “Policies to Help Communities Recover: Housing Restrictions”.

The Coronavirus will not be the last virus we encounter, so it’s important for our community to do what we can to recover from this virus and prepare for the next. Please enjoy this episode (in podcast or video) and share with your neighbors!

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